Alternatively, if your device can export or record activities in GPX, TCX, or FIT format, and these files contain actual workout data, you can upload the files here . But… I just discovered last week that a lot of moves were wrong in Ascent / Descent values once imported : on Movescount, these moves are fine ; on SA, they are wrong. Just hope this intermittent buisness stops. Riders to Follow at the 2020 Tour de France You may find your device listed here if such a direct integration exists. Une bouteille à la mer comme je dis, parce que je doute (ou bien le hasard) que je puisse trouver une réponse. @Dimitrios-Kanellopoulos importation from Movescount done on september this year. Then go into Strava and under Settings> Apps revoke the access for TomTom. The nuts and bolts of how Strava works. Now go back into TomTom Sports and add Strava again. Detailed articles and instructions for how to use our products and services. Strava Labs is where Strava engineering occasionally releases side projects independent of our product and share our processes and stories. A dedicated community for Garmin users to ask questions, provide answers, and share feedback. Once connected, new activities will be synced directly to Strava from Polar Flow Sync, Polar Flow app, or from Polar Beat. GBDuro: 2,000 km from Land’s End to John O’Groats. On the Apps & Exporting tab delete the entry for Strava. Strava Community Discussion Guidelines Crispin November 30, 2020 21:50 0 votes 0 comments Historical activities will not transfer over once you connect your account so you will need to use Polar's export option and then upload the file manually to Strava. Je lis qu'à ce forum on peut laisser de tout et n'importe quoi (comme messages) alors je dépose mon post ici. Projects may be added, removed or … Strava has a publicly available API that hundreds of external developers use to integrate with Strava data. The Everesting World Record by the Numbers. Maybe strava went back to allow data to be pulled via their API. In the first 5 minutes, I show how to set things up to use Strava Live Segments on your Garmin Edge 510, 520, 810 and 1000. You will be prompted for your Strava login credentials which will reset the link. Strava c'est une application qu'on télécharge sur Smartphone. As one of the previous members posted, strava updated their API to only allow data to be pushed, not pulled (which explains why data was not being synced down from strava to s health). Strava activities syncing in different timezone by HerbB on ‎10-20-2018 12:18 Latest post on ‎06-17-2020 11:49 by RMBS63 3 Replies 457 Views It is possible that they have made a change to this now. Brefffffff, je tente. VeloViewer provides fascinating insights, engaging visualisations, motivational goals and in-depth analysis to all of your Strava data.